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The Adventures Of Freddy - The Frog

The Adventures Of Freddy - The Frog

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Freddy The Frog…

Freddy the Frog lives on his favorite lily pad on Salem's Pond. Join Freddy as he seeks adventure, makes new friends and learns a few lessons about life along the way. 

About The Author 

Dot Linn is a mother, wife, poet, baker and consummate storyteller. Best known for her cautionary tale, THE PERILS OF PLASTIC, Dot enjoys writing poems for fiends and family, Nicknamed "Two-Pie" by her neighbors for her baking skills, Dot lives in Leesburg, FL with her husband of 63 years. 

Behind The Scenes

Chris Linn from TruTV reached out to me, asking if I was interested in doing some commission illustrations for a children book. The story was written by his mom (Dot Linn), and he wanted to put it together for her as a holiday gift.

It has been a long time since I've worked on a “childrens book”, I was really excited, and said YES immediately. During the illustration process, I enjoyed looking into all the frog poses and expressions. I created the kid-at-heart style vibe illustrations to match Dot Linn’s writing. Overall, I want my work to make people happy!

Dot Linn passed away in Spring 2018, and this book is in memory of her.

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